I-240 Storage
If no answer, 405-818-9541

I-240 Storage is located at the Southwest corner of I-240 and Pennsylvania, behind the “74 South” Shopping Center. We’re behind Papa John’s Pizza. You can also enter off of South Youngs Blvd. on the West side of the shopping center.

What you need to know:

  • $40 Refundable Deposit
  • 1st month is prorated to beginning of next month
  • Month to Month (No contract)
  • Rent is due on the 1st
  • A $20 late fee is assessed on the 10th
  • Access is from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Locks are available for $15 or you can provide your own
  • No units are climate controlled
  • Homeowners or Renters insurance should extend to items in storage. We currently do not offer insurance.
  • We're locally owned

How to Rent a Unit:

  • Check prices below
  • Call the numbers above to check availability
  • You must have a Valid ID, a phone and an email address
  • Bring a current Valid ID, your phone, the deposit and rent with you
  • Press the white button on the gate
  • We take cash, checks, Venmo, Paypal. To use a credit card, use the Payments link below

I-240 Storage



I-240 Storage
2250 SW 74th
OKC, OK 73159

Send payments to:

I-240 Storage
6217 Commodore Ln
Oklahoma City, OK 73162-6814


We have a small box truck available to rent for moving in and out of your storage unit.
I-240 Storage


SouthWest corner of I-240 & Penn, behind Papa John's Pizza. (2250 SW 74th)
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We are behind the 74 South Shopping Center.
The best way, if going Westbound is to take the Penn exit. Turn left (South), then right into the strip mall parking lot, just south of the gas station. Continue Westbound through the parking lot.
If going Eastbound, Take May and stay on the service road. Turn right on Youngs, then left, to go into the alley behind 74 South Shopping Center.
At the gate, press the white doorbell on the sign with the phone numbers.

Price List

5x6 30 sq/ft $35
5x10 50 sq/ft $50
6x10 60 sq/ft $55
6x12 72 sq/ft $60
5x15 75 sq/ft $62
10x10 100 sq/ft $80
10x15 150 sq/ft $100
10x20 200 sq/ft $130
10x20+10x5 250 sq/ft $150
10x30 300 sq/ft $180
10x30+10x15 450 sq/ft $260
30x30 900 sq/ft $500

Outside the fence

13x20           260 sq/ft $120
14x20 280 sq/ft $130
15x20 300 sq/ft $135
20x22 440 sq/ft $170
20x25 500 sq/ft $200

Credit/Debit card and Paypal Payments can be made online here:
If you are using a Paypal Account, please select Family and Friends, NOT Goods and Services

Make a payment.
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    you will want to press to use a credit or debit card.


How to Check Out

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